Kansai University IIGE (Institute for Innovative Global Education) in conjunction with UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) offered the first collaborative joint honors program which brought together 16 domestic and international students from 6 countries to experience a combined online and mobility program aboard the Peace Boat in the summer of 2019.

In 2020, student mobility programs were brought to a halt by the global pandemic, and the UMAP-COIL Joint Program was moved 100% online. Despite the lack of a mobility component, over 180 students applied for the program from around the world, making it evident that despite the challenges posed by the current climate, students are still seeking international experiences. 

While we continue to wait for international borders to open safely, IIGE is committed to exploring the potential of new and innovative solutions to provide these experiences to Kansai University and our partner institutions' students. This summer, we are pleased to continue our collaboration with UMAP, and will be offering the UMAP-COIL Joint Program in summer 2021 fully online. 

It is conceivable that these interim solutions may become a permanent fixture in the post-pandemic world of international education, with hybrid on- and off-site exchange programs. Thus, perhaps now more than ever, providing experiences that at their core aim to enrich students' intercultural competence and raise awareness of the importance of global citizenry are paramount. 

We hope you will join us for the 2021 UMAP-COIL Joint Program!


関西大学グローバル教育イノベーション推進機構(IIGE)は、2019年にUMAP(University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific)と初の共同プログラムを提供しました。同プログラムでは日本を含め6カ国から16名の学生が参加し、オンラインとモビリティを組み合わせたプログラムをピースボートに乗船しながら体験するプログラムを実施しました。








I think that this program is the embodiment of UNITY among different countries and nationalities despite the distance... It just demonstrates that virtually anyone in the world can connect and collaborate to create a better future. 

—  Online Program 2020