2020 online program

IIGE undertook a sustained consideration of a range of options to ensure that students could be afforded opportunities to develop intercultural competency in addition to a range of important global graduate attributes. This program was not only offered to Kansai University students but also students at UMAP -affiliated universities and IIGE COIL partner universities. Within a framework structured around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a range of topics and themes were explored that included foreign policy, international affairs, trade and finance, health and wellbeing, international education, defense and security, and business innovation and development. In the seven-week program, the students engaged in a range of activities, including participation in guest lectures, group project work and presentations, and COIL activities.



More than 180 students from all over the world applied to participate in the program, making it clear that there is a strong need for international exchange among students around the world, even the midst of a pandemic.

By dividing the participants into two groups: those who participated in the full program, which included the pre-post training, lectures and a collaborative project; and those who only attended lectures, it was possible to accept

almost all of the students who wanted to participate.

世界各地から180名以上の応募があったことから、コロナ禍の中でも学生が国際的な経験を求めていることが明らかになりました。 参加者を2グループに分け、事前事後研修、レクチャー、協働プロジェクトを含める全プログラム参加の学生と、レクチャーのみ参加する学生に分けることで参加を希望した学生をほぼ全員受け入れることが可能となりました。

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When applicants were interviewed for the program, we found that many were concerned about the fact that the program required them to interact with students from other countries in English. Taking this feedback into careful

consideration, we were able to provide an opportunity for KU students to practice their English conversation and discussion skills outside a classroom setting, while linking it to the Clemson University students’ TEFL background as part of their practical training requirements.

The participating students marked the importance of being able both to express your own ideas and to respect the ideas of others, noting that working with peers from different backgrounds, with different perspectives

and opinions, a respectful exchange of ideas can lead to new perspectives. Despite their multicultural backgrounds, many participants expressed that they found common ground.

プログラム参加応募者を対象に本学が面接を実施した際、プログラムでは他国の学生と英語でのやりとりが求められていることに、多くの学生が不安を覚えていることが分かりました。それをうけ、Clemson University(米国)のTEFL Certificate Programの学生とも平行してCOILを行い、関大生にはプログラムの外でも英語での会話やディスカッションの練習をする機会を設けることができました。



Compared to regular online classes, this Program allowed participants to forge deeper friendships with their online peers.

more than 90% of participating students rated the program "good” to “excellent."

the focus on SDGs led students to consider the challenges their own communities are facing, inspiring them to take action at home.

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To read more about the program details, visit our IIGE website.